Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A job or A career

Do you have a job or a career?
The former pays the bills. The latter speaks (in part) about what you are. If I polled a large sample, I'm fairly certain that a significant percentage would say they are in a job and don't understand their career. Meaning, what they do every day is not aligned with what excites them. It's easy to know what excites you. It's harder to have a bill paying job that allows you to exercise your talents every day. I honestly don't have the answer. Nooone does. But I can offer practical experience. If you want advice, please read the attached article. It is my attempt at a "how to" for picking your career.

The article is titled "How to Decide on a Career and a Job within a Career" and appears at


Anonymous said...

you are absolutely correct. a job and a career are completely different. In my opinion, you must search deep within yourself to determine a career and once you have decided, you should follow thru with either the education or experience. a job is never fulfilling nor is it longlasting

Stephen said...

You pretty much described the formula:
1. Search wiithin yourself. Be honest with yourself. What really excites you?
2. Start traveling on the path. Focus your educational pursuits to support your career. Become certified. Go back to school and get a Masters.