Saturday, October 28, 2006

Golden Rule #4 for Quality Professionals: Constantly Improve Your Skill Set

Constantly improve your skill set. Don't grow stagnant. Here are suggestions:
1. Be a mentor at a local middle or high school
2. Be a Junior Achievement Consultant
3. Be a literacy tutor
4. Take a class (any class) at your local technical college
5. Become ASQ certified
6. Teach a class for your company
7. Make a presentation for a local organization (Ex. ASQ chapter)
8. Go back to school (most companies reimburse tuition)
9. Attend seminars that make you think. Stay away from seminars that teach a new tool. The best way to learn a new tool is by applying it in a project. Great seminars challenge your thought process. They make you see things in a different way.
10. Read the newspaper every day.
11. Get to know people from other countries and cultures
12. Know everything there is to know about Dr. Deming.
13. Change jobs within your company. Try something different.

Got to get another cup of coffeee. Any other ideas?

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