Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Everyone is Blessed

I find it fascinating to draw analogies between stories in the Bible and happenings of the workplace. Take for example, the story of Paul-

After Jesus' death, the disciples were obediently spreading what Jesus had taught them. They were passionate and persistent as the Holy Spirit spoke through them.

The persecution also intensified as the Jewish leaders tried hard to rid society of anything tied to Jesus. One of the worst persecutors was Paul. His purpose for living was to extinguish the disciples and squash their message.

Paul seemingly was the last person God would choose to spread his message to Jews and Gentiles. Yet, he chose Paul because he knew that if Paul could change, his strong attributes would catapult the mission started by Jesus.

Is there someone at work that just rubs you the wrong way? Everything they do just does not seem to be right. Well, they can't be all bad. Look for their positive attributes and put them in a position to succeed. Look beyond what they do wrong and see the good they could do if a change was to take place.

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